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Tortoise Group

PO Box 33866
Las Vegas,  NV 89133-3866

Phone: (702) 739-7113

Tortoise Group

1) Adoption of homeless pet desert tortoises to residents of Nevada
2) Yard Consultations for residents of Nevada for customized habitat advice
3) Printed and web-based information on the care of pet desert tortoises and related topics
4) Community Programs throughout the state of Nevada March through October with guest speakers and free services
5) Personalized Answers to inquiries about pet and wild desert tortoises
6) Opportunities for Volunteers
7) Hotline Service (702) 739-7113
8) Snooper Service to view deep inside a burrow in an emergency
9) Desert Tortoise Lost and Found Listings.
10) Desert Tortoise rehoming assistance

Tortoise Group a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization educates and advocates for the protection and well-being of the desert tortoise (Gopherus agassizii).

Tortoise Group enhances desert tortoise care throughout the Mojave by providing informational resources, community services, and providing the only legal desert tortoise adoption service in Nevada.

Since 1982, Tortoise Group has been a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting the wild tortoise, informing the public about the care of pet tortoises, and providing the public with educational programs, habitat consultations and legally acquired t

Tortoise Group educates and advocates for the protection and well-being of the desert tortoise.

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